Do your kids have the crafting bug? If you love crafting with your children, grandchildren or pupils, chances are you might have tried out a kids crafting kit or two. So why not give other crafty folk a heads up on the best craft kits for under fives?

Little ones can get crafty in all kinds of ways, from cutting and sticking, to stamping and lacing, or even stitching and folding. Glitter, sparkles, glue and paint are particular favourites in our house!

I’ve put together a list below of 30 fun and funky craft kits – if you and your kids have enjoyed any of them, then review one (or more!) and let us know how you got on! To give you an idea, I reviewed the Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Craft Kit, which my 4 year old goes back to again and again for hours of crafting entertainment!

Even if your kids (or grandkids) are older now, perhaps there is a memorable kit that was a big hit, or that turned into something special that still sits on a shelf in the house?

When you’re done, post your URL in the comments section at the bottom so we can share your experiences! And if you have a craft kit you love that’s not shown below, review and share that with us too using this link!

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